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Romancing the Foam celebrates the responsible enjoyment of beer, Cider, Mead, Sake, gluten free options and other fermented beverages. I focus on stuff that is unpretensious but good. I include local restaurant reviews from a beer drinker's point of view, reviews and ratings of Beer, Mead, Cider, and Sake discussions on their enjoyment and occaisional food pairings. I also include reviews of books on beer, food and other beverages and other books to enjoy while drinking a beer or other beverage.

I have reviewed over 4,000 beers and many of the reviews are posted here. I am a Beer Judge Certification Program National Judge and I base my judging of Beer, Mead and Cider on their guidelines while focusing on giving the reader enough information to decide whether or not they want to drink the beverage reviewed. I take a similar approach to Sake - and oysters and cheese for that matter.

Beer and these other beverages are every bit as classy as wine and often pair better than wine with food and they certainly give you more options. A major irritation for many Beer, Mead, Cider and - in the US - Sake drinkers is that too often the person assigned to buy these beverages for restaurants and at times even stores is the wine buyer and has very little knowledge of anything other than wine. I average a new post or two per day. Check out "What's New" to see what I am up to. I try to publish Romancing the Foam by email once a month. Check it out, and if you like it, and want to receive it, let me know - its free.


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