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Romancing the Foam 111 December 6, 2017 explores a beer cheese pairing experience that knocks the socks off any pairing anyone could come up with wine and cheese

Romancing the Foam 110 November 3, 2017 discusses how church festivals lead to an appreciation of Oktoberfestbier

Romancing the Foam 109 September 13, 2017 discusses 3 beers while watching a church fire with tommy

Romancing The Foam 108 July 31, 2017 edicated to Shakey Jake and 3 beers to drink in his honor

Romancing the Foam 107 June 29, 2017 discusses bear shitting pipe and the beer it inspires

Romancing the Foam 106 May 29, 2017 where I drink 4 beers to remeber my Grandma on Memorial Day

Romancing The Foam 105, where I reminisce about Earth Day 4

Romancing the Foam 104, March 2017, I disclose how to wrestle an ape

Romancing the Foam 103, February 2017, I commemorate a very big man

Romancing the Foam 102, December 2016 reviews 3 beers to drink while teaching a blind guy to jump off a pier.

Romancing the Foam 101, November 2016 reviews 3 beers fit for watching people fix cars

Romancing the Foam 100, October 2016 reviews 4 fine beers from Unibroue.

Romancing the Foam 99, September 2016 review's New Belgium's Fat Tire & Friends collaborative 12-pack.

Romancing the Foam 98, August 2016 recalls my first Belgian beer at Café Belgique in Amsterdam in 1971.

Romancing the Foam 97, July 2016 leaps off from a Park Board League baseball game to look at several beers that take a leap of faith. Most succeed.

Romancing the Foam 96, June 2016 reminisces about a cigar reader I once had a beer with and discusses pairing beer with cigars and S'mores.

Romancing the Foam 95, May 2016, calls attention to the East Lake Brewery and their many fine beers and friendly location.

Romancing the Foam 94, April 2016 reflects on the boneheaded move of the town of Silver Bay Minnesota in banning Bent Paddle Beer from their municipal liquor store for the brewery's opposition to the proposed PolyMet NorthMet copper-nickel mine. Bent Paddle makes good beer. Buy some.

Romancing the Foam 93, March 2016 tackles the issue of weed killer in beer.

Romancing the Foam 92, February 2016 recommends some lower calorie craft beers for my neighbor Larry.

Romancing the Foam 91, January 2016 focuses on beer and sustainability, highlighting the achievements of Sierra Nevada and New Belgium.

Romancing the Foam 90, December 2015 celebrates the ales brewed by White Birch Brewing. White Birch brews a lot of innovative beer at a reasonable price.

Romancing the Foam 89, November 2015 revisits the beer brewed by Joe Pond at Olvalde Farm & Brewing Company. He is a true artisan engaged in a labor of love.

Romancing the Foam 88, October 2015 reviews several meads that I drank while studying for a mead exam. They must have been good - I passed the exam.

Romancing the Foam 87, September 2015 looks at Anchorage Brewing Company's Love Buzz Saison, Brooklyn Brewing's Sorachi Ace, Off Color Brewing's Apex Predator Saison, Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Ale, Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project's Jack D'or Saison Americaine, South Hampton Publick House's Saison Deluxe, ansd Stilwater Artisanal Cellar Door Farmhouse Ale.

Romancing the Foam 86, August 2015 reviews blueberry beer, including Birrificio Del Ducato's My Blueberry Nightmare, Boulder Beer's Kinda Blue, Cisco Pedaler Bike Path Blueberry Beer, Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout, Evil Twin From Amager with Love, Evil Twin's Justin Blabaer, and White Birch Brewing's Blueberry Berliner Weiss.

Romancing the Foam 85, July 2015 discusses some beers I would like to share with a Danish stone mason I spent a night in a tree with drinking Canadian Club 40 years ago.

Romancing the Foam 84, June 2015 reviews some oak barrel aged beers

Romancing the Foam 83, April 2015 features Scottish Wee Heavies from Clown Shoes, Karl Strauss, Northgate, O'Dell's and Steel Toe.

Romancing the Foam 82, March 2015 discusses Schell's Jace Marti Berliner Weisses.

Romancing the Foam 81, February 2015 I drink my 2,000th beer since starting Romancing the Foam. This issue discusses a handfull of beers i treated myself with as I approcahed the 2,000 beer threshold.

Romancing the Foam 80, January 2015 discusses beer to drink while suffering from flu.

Romancing the Foam 79, December 2014 is a special cider issue.

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