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Knoedelseder, William: Bitter Brew

Koch, Greg and Matt Allyn: The Brewers Apprentice

Koch, Greg and Steve Wagner: The Craft of Stone Brewing Company

Koch, Jim: Quench Your Own Thirst

Kohn, Rita T.: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beer Tasting

Krebs, Peter: Redhook: Beer Pioneer

Krebs, Roland and Percy J. Orthwein: Making Friends Is Our Business: 100 Years Of Anheuser Busch

LaFrance, Peter:  Beer Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide

Larson, Michael: Beer: What to Drink Next

Lemmon, John:  Beer Makes Everything Better

Lewis, Michael J.: Stout

Lewis, Sean: We Make Beer

Loftus Amelia Slayton: Sustainable Homebrewing

Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour

MacIntosh, Julie: Dethroning the King

Mansfield, Stephen: The Search for God and Guinness

Markowski, Phil: Farmhouse Ales

McGovern, Patrick E.: Uncorking the Past

Miller, David: Continental Pilsener (Classic Beer Style)

Monterosso, Gary: Artisan Beer: A Complete Guide to Savoring the World’s Finest Beers

Mosher, Randy:  Beer for All Seasons

Mosher, Randy:  Mastering Homebrew

Mosher, Randy:  Tasting Beer

Newman, Alan: High on Business: The Life, Times, and Lessons of a Serial Entrepreneur

Noon, Mark A. Yuengling: A History of America's Oldest Brewery

Noonan, Greg: Scotch Ale


O'Brien, Christopher: Fermenting Revolution

Ogle, Maureen: Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer

Oliver, Garret: The Brewmaster’s Table

O'Hara Christopher B.: Great American Beer

Palmer, John J.: How to Brew

Papazian, Charlie: The Complete Joy of Homebrewing 3rd Edition

Papazian, Charlie: Microbrewed Adventures

Perozzi, Christina and Haillie Beaune: The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer

Peyton, Jane: Beer O’Clock

Piatz, Steve: The Complete Guide to Making Mead

Protz, Roger:  The Ale Trail

Protz, Roger: Classic Stout & Porter (Classic drinks series)

Protz, Roger: Heavenly Beer

Protz, Roger: Roger Protz’s World Beer Guide

Proulx, Annie and Lew Nichols: Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider

Rajotte, Pierre: Belgian Ales

Revolinski, Kevin:  Minnesota's Best Beer Guide

Richman, Darryl: Bock

Robertson, James D.The Connoisseur's Guide to Beer

Routson, Ashley: The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer

Russell, Don: Wishing You A Merry Christmas Beer

Russell, Maria and Maxine Stromberg: The Beer Makes It Better Cookbook

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