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WarPigs Foggy GeezerThe Mikkeller and Three Floyds team jump into the hazy New England IPA craze with their collaboration WarPigs Brewpub Foggy Geezer. At 8.0% alcohol by volume it creeps into Double IPA territory. Popping the can releases big hop aromas of a wet field, citrus, melon, fruit and a grassy herbal note. A hazy gold liquid drops into the glass building a slightly frothy 1" white foam cap with fair retention. Medium sized bubbles rise moderately fast. The beer hits the tongue with layers of juicy fruit flavor with tropical, melon, pineapple, and citrus supported by a moderate malt backbone of primarily biscuit flavors. Leading with a mild fruit sweetness the beers dries slightly on the finish a has a tinge of astringency. Hop derived fruit flavors lead the palate supported by malt. Yeast flavors are not prominent. Alcohol flavors are present but low and provide very mild warming. The beer is exceptionally creamy with a medium body and carbonation. The carbonation is very soft with little prickle. This is an enjoyable, big flavored beer with an assertive bitterness mellowed by moderate malt and rich hop flavors. I rate it 90.

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