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Ewald The Golden

Utepils Brewing Company Ewald The GoldenUtepils Head Brewer Eric Harper honed his skills brewing European style craft beers as lead brewer at Wisconsin's New Glarus Brewery and Minnesota's Summit Brewery. The Utepils current roster of beers focuses on session beers that are very appropriate to drink in the brewery's beer garden. Utepils Brewing Company Ewald The Golden (5.2% alcohol by volume, 14 International Bittering Units) is a Bavarian style Hefeweizen which is a wheat beer without the yeast filtered out. The beer smells of banana, banana bread, a hint of clove, spice and a trace of juicy fruit bubble gum. It pours hazy straw gold under a 2" lacy white blanket of foam with good retention. The flavors follow the aromas with a little more wheat and fruit character. This is a very creamy, medium full bodied beer with medium high carbonation. Ewald the Golden has all the hefeweizen notes but they are not overstated. As a result the beer is very sessionable and worth repeating. I rate it 80.

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