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Uinta Brewing Company


Fest Helles

Uinta Brewing Company Fest HellesUinta Brewing Company Fest Helles (5.5% alcohol by volume) has a mild aroma that starts with a light can coating smell that is quickly swirled off allowing a light floral scent, bread dough and bread crumb to come to the forefront. It pours brilliant deep gold blanketed by 1" of snow white foam atop streams of rapidly rising bubbles. The cap has fair retention and produces light lace. A slight taste of movie popcorn butter quickly dissipates and paves the way for bread crumb, bread crust, a mild development of melanoidins, and moderately herbaceous hops. It dries on the finish with a medium bitterness. Fest Helles is medium bodied and has medium high to high carbonation. Fest Helles is a drinkable, flavorful beer but the carbonation is a little high and masks some of the nuances of malt flavor that the brewer develops. I rate it 75.

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