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Uinta Brewing Company Farm SideUinta Brewing Company Farm Side (5.6% alcohol by volume) is a standard strength pale saison or farmhouse ale brewed with white grape must and gooseberry. White grapes and berries show up first in the aroma supported by some Belgian yeast character, light biscuit, banana and faint pepper. It pours lightly hazy gold blanketed by a 3" off-white foam cap with good retention. The flavors parallel the aromas. It is mildly sweet up front balanced by a moderate hop bitterness and a tannic-like astringency on the finish. The added white grape and gooseberry flavors work well with the saison yeast flavors. The beer is medium dry, mildly astringent on the finish, with a light body and medium high carbonation. The beer is light and refreshing with an interesting blend of fruit and yeast flavors - an excellent summer beer. I rate it 82.

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