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Odell Oktoberfest

Odell Brewing Company Odell OktoberfestOdell Brewing Company Odell Oktoberfest (6.1% alcohol by volume) exudes very rich malt aromas of bread crust, light toast, a variety of melanoidins and some earthiness and mild hop scent in the background. It pours brilliant copper under a 1" off-white foam cap with good retention. It starts with a hint of popcorn butter the segues into rich malt flavors joined by a faint sweetness that leads to a crisp dry finish. The malt flavors are complex and layered ranging from light grain, bread crumb, bread crust, light toast and melanoidin flavors that hint of a range of caramel with the sweetness squeezed out. There is some spice in there that wavers between anise and cardamom. While malt forward, a mild bitterness on the finish provides balance and character. The beer is smooth and creamy with a medium body and carbonation. You will drink this to enjoy the subtle nuances of malt flavor. I rate it 85.

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Odell Brewing Company


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