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OMNI Brewing Company HopfullOMNI Brewing Company Hopfull (6.0 % alcohol by volume, 80 International Bittering Units) is a brown IPA. Dankish mint, mild roast, a hint of chocolate, a mild earthiness and a dash of citrus aroma rise from the glass. It pours bright dark brown under a 1" lacy and persistent light tan cap. Streams of bubbles race to the surface. It is very creamy with a trace of bitter chocolate and coffee at the front end and a bitter hop accent on the finish. Traces of citrus and minty dank herbs and a smidgen of gain season the roast flavors. Nothing is harsh or burnt. It dries out on the finish assisted by some hop and grain astringency. The body is medium to medium light and the carbonation is medium. This reminds me of a New Castle Brown Ale with amped up hops that features more of the hop bitterness than the hop flavor. I rate it 73.

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