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72 Stretch

Fulton 72 StretchFulton Beer 72 Stretch (4.6% alcohol by volume, 12 International bittering Units) is a Gose, a mildly sour beer with low biterness brewed with lightly salted water and a dash of coriander. It originated in the now erman town of Golar and became popular in the town of Leipzig. It smells like wheat bread dough with a touch of lemon and a very faint hint of funk. It is brilliant gold in the glass filled with streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a 1" pure white foam cap with fair to good retention. It is a very refreshing drink staring lemony tart with some wheat to soften the edges. It has a trace of hard candy sweetness that works nicely with the coriander which you can find if you look for it. The salt is also apparent but it is not over done. The beer dries on the finish with a mildly tart, pleasant linger. The wheat, the coriander, the dash of salt and the tartness all work well together. The beer is light and very creamy and highly effervescent. This is not a challenging Gose but it is a very drinkable and refreshing one. I rate it 85

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Fulton Beer

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