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Docktoberfest Marzen

Excelsior Brewing Company Docktoberfest MarzenExcelsior Brewing Company Docktoberfest Marzen (6.2% alcohol by volume) has a mild noble hop aroma with a trace of earthiness supported by light bread crumb and cracker. It pours amber gold with a low to moderate haze under a 1/2" off-white to cream colored blanket of foam with good retention. Streams of bubles rush to the surface. The flavors start malty and mildly sweet offering up bread dough, bread crumnb, light bread crust and a hint of toast. A mildly assertive hop bitterness tones down the malt, tames the sweetness and dries out the finish. This medium to medium light bodied beer is creamy smooth with medium plus, very active carbonation. This is a creamy, flavorful Oktoberfest with a nice balance between bitter and malt. I rate it 80.

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