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Obtuse Spruce

Dark Horse Brewing Company Obtuse SpruceI immediately like the idea of Dark Horse Brewing Company Obtuse Spruce (6.0% alcohol by volume) because I like spruce trees, I like their smell and for the majority of my life, no matter where I've had a spruce tree or two in my yard. Spruce tips are high in minerals and vitamin C and make a decent tea. It smells like my spruce tree but it has layers interspersed with malts, biscuit, caramel and a trace of resiny hop aroma. It pours hazy amber filled with rapidly rising bubbles under a thin cream to light tan cap. Rich malt introduces the palate follwed by a mild hop bitterness, a touch of citrus, and then a big dose of spruce takes command finishing with a drying, mild resiny astringency. A mild caramel sweetness balances the spruce and softens the drying astringency. It has a medium body and carbonation. This is an interesting beer and well balanced. Spruce beer is probably an acquired taste. I like it and rate it 80 but many may find the spruce flavor off-putting.

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