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Brewery Ommegang RosettaBrewery Ommegang Rosetta (5.6% alcohol by volume) is a Flanders Oud Bruin aged on cherries with other natural flavors. It has a best by date four years in the future. Rich perfumy, spicy cherry and biscuit aromas rise form the glass. It pours bright cherry brown with ruby highlights under a 2" cream to light tan colored lacy mousse-like foam cap with good retention. Small bubbles rise moderately fast. Cherry flavors advance across the tongue in at least three layers supported by dark malts with some rum cake character. The cherries and funky yeasts finish mildly tart. The cherry flavors dominate but the darker malts add enough character to balance. the malt sweetness balances the tartness from the cherries and the yeasts with support from a mild background bitterness. The body is medium to medium light and the carbonation is medium and very soft. The acidity and funk are mild. This beer is flavorful and easy to drink but a little low on character. The character should develop as it ages. I rate it 80.

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