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Blackstack Brewing Local 755My Blackstack Brewing Local 755 (6.4% alcohol by volume) was canned a month ago. It has a big, luscious hoppy nose featuring citrus and a trace of ditch weed. It pours amber with a slight haze. Streams of bubbles race to the surface to support a 1" white foam cap that drops slowly to a thick sticky film. It has a creamy luscious palate offering citrus, light caramel. bread crust and biscuit leading to a very dry, almost tannic finish seasoned with medium pithy and zesty bitterness that gives the beer a juicy quality. A mild finishing astringency provides contrast to the creamy start. The body is medium and the carbonation is very soft and medium. There is a faint hint of warming that slowly and lightly warms your cheeks as you drink. This beer packs a lot of flavor and is a delight to drink. I rate it 85.

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