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Sun Pillar

Bad Weather Brewing Company Sun PillarBad Weather Brewing Company Sun Pillar (5.1% alcohol by volume, 17 International Bittering Units) is a Belgian Blonde Ale brewed with Belgian Pilsner malt. Cracking the can releases subtle aromas of bread crumb, fruit, faint citrus, banana and bubble gum. It pours moderately hazy amber gold under a 1/2" foam cap with fair retention. Streams of bubbles rise rapidly to the surface. The flavors are spice, black pepper, banana, and light bubble gum. There are more Belgian yeast flavors on the palate than on the nose. It starts mildly sweet and dries out on the finish. This is not an assertive beer. The flavors are mild but well balanced with a pleasant lingering bitterness. As the beer warms the fruit flavors come out more. The body is medium light and the carbonation is just barely medium plus. The alcohol is on the low side for a Belgian Blonde as is the carbonation but the beer is packed with flavor and drinks easy making it a pleasant, sessionable summer beer. I rate it 80.

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Bad Weather Brewing Company

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