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AleSmith Brewing Company Orange XAleSmith Brewing Company Orange X (5.25% alcohol by volume, 24 International bittering Units) is AleSmith's X - Extra Pale Ale brewed with orange peel and natural flavors. It was canned 2 months ago. The orange is big on the nose but not too big. It allows citrus from the hops and bread crumb from the malt to show through. It drops into the glass hazy gold with rapidly rising bubbles under a 1.5" lacy cream colored foam cap with good retention. The orange peel and natural flavors work with rather than overwhelms the X-Extra Pale Ale flavors supported by bread crumb and adding complexity to the citrusy hop flavors and hop bitterness. The beer dries on the finish with a slight astringency. The malt and hop flavors are medium. The beer is nice and creamy with a medium body and carbonation. AleSmith packs a lot of flavor into a beer with moderate alcohol and the added flavors harmonize rather than overwhelm. I rate it 80.

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