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Mosaic Wheat IPA

12welveeyes mosaic wheat ipaMy crowler of 12welve Eyes Brewing Mosaic Wheat IPA (6.3% alcohol by volume, 60 IBU) was packaged yesterday. Cracking the can releases a big whiff of hops and wheat with some citrus and spice, flowers and berries, fresh mowed grass, and a hint of ditchweed. It drops into the glass hazy amber with a slight orange-copper tint permeated with streams of very small rapidly rising bubbles. A white 2" cap with moderate retention perches on top. The flavors start with wheat and an almost funky grainy spice, very light hard candy, and a nice assertive bitter finish with moderate drying and a light, hop based astringency. The hops are zesty and pithy, adding citrus, tropical fruit and berry flavors. The yeast provides alcohol but pretty much stays out of the way of the Mosaic hops. Mosaic Wheat IPA has an outrageously creamy, airy, soft texture with a medium body and carbonation. The wheat provides a nice platform for the Mosaic hops which are all over the place. The texture is outrageously delightful and the beer packs in a lot of flavor for the alcohol level. I rate it 82.

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